“How did I get out of your belly?” asked my 4 yr old. My answer was to keep it real…(but not too real).

This is my post Mother’s Day ode to awkward questions. Enjoy!

I have a few friends that believe that there is this time in a child’s life where the spiritual veil is very thin & they can recall where they were before they were in your body.  Like heaven, or a past life, you know stuff like that.

It’s something like before a child becomes 3 yrs old, you can ask them “where were you before mommy’s belly?” & they will give you insight to the “other side”. I dig that kind of stuff so before Sol’s third birthday I asked Sol…she said she was “swimming around…with whales”.

Hmmm, kinda sceptical but it could be possible, right?  So maybe I birthed a baby that was a scuba diver in a past life, or…a whale.  Anyway, fast forward she is now 4 & 1/2 we are all sitting around the table having dinner & she was talking about my belly, as it sometimes comes up, asking questions like: “Why is it so big?” (Too many carbs),  “Why is it so squishy?” (Again, too many carbs) & she goes on to share how she used to be in there but wanted to come out. The story usually stops there.

Then she looked at me & asked…”how did I get out?”. Jemar gave me the nervous side eye.  I’m not sure he totally loves my radically honest parenting approach & would much rather I tell of a stork that magically flew the air & delivered right to our doorstep but whatever…I said, “I pushed you out.”

I was hoping to leave it at that, so I simply  continued sucking the bone of my lamb chop.

But she really looked kind of disturbed & said “like how?”


So I said, “like this” scrunched my face and grunted as I beared down, lamb chop in hand.

Confused she was.

So she asked, “like going doody?”

& I said “yup, exactly like going doody.” Which isn’t a lie…really.

I do have a confession though. She did ask how she got in there, & I lied a tiny bit…I told her the same confusing thing my mom used to tell me (and now I know why) “it was a miracle, God oversees all miracles”…but thats not a total lie either.

Oh dear, how is it that I’m turning into my mother?!

& double oh dear. What will Sol ask next?

3 thoughts on “ “How did I get out of your belly?” asked my 4 yr old. My answer was to keep it real…(but not too real).

  1. I love these stories. I think it is better in the long run to raise someone who is curious and questioning rather than afraid to ask the wrong thing or afraid of sounding silly. But I don’t have kids, so it’s easy for me to say!

    Happy belated Mother’s day.


  2. Brace yourself. It gets worse. But its great memories and everyone of them will be cherished.
    Ps… i wrote most of mine… ny children said they will show it to their kids in my “dementia” years.

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