Positive Signs: Why I do my best to ‘make like a proton’ in these crazy times & why maybe you should too.

At the Science March here in DC the nerds and all around science lovers showed up in droves with their ingenious science-y signs in tow. There were some good ones such as “It’s getting hot in here” with the earth sweating, & Yoda in a tree stating “May the Forest Be With You”.  Some signs were so math-y they went way over my head, but the one that really got me thinking was “Make Like a Proton and Stay Positive”.


Because ‘staying positive’ can be extremely challenging in these bat-shit-crazy times. Many of our core beliefs, values, and morals are being challenged, dismissed, and completely disrespected…on a daily basis. As you may have discovered swatting that grey rain cloud away from the top of your head is about as easy as Pigpen ditching his dust cloud…not very.

Positivity & Perspective is 90% of everything.  What you choose to focus on MAGNIFIES. I have long been an advocate for Brain Science and Cognitive Psychology.  Mindfulness  is the practice of being aware of ones, thoughts, feelings, and experiences in the present moment.  Studies have proven how Mindfulness can literally change your brain , and is highly effective in treating depression, pain, anger, and addictions (to name a few). I’m not going to get deep into it in this post but click the links if your interested in knowing more.

Mindfulness and positivity used together can be like a 1-2-punch combo to combat the news blues.  Beautifully illustrated by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stating,  “I have decided to stick to love…hate is too great a burden to bear”.

So here’s a personal example, I have been feeling down about current events.  In order to manage my energy I go on walkabouts where I practice mindful awareness on anything I see that I perceive as sweet, funny, or beautiful.  I find this highly effective in transforming funky energy, especially when the news has been very negative. This week I focused literally on ‘positive signs’.  Signs I saw in people’s yards, and in cafes around the neighborhood.  I allowed myself to be grateful that they were there projecting all that positivity into the neighborhood, and into the world.

I choose to try my best to “make like a proton” because my mental health depends on it, because there’s not much I can do to change anyone else’s behavior, & because it’s something I can do that I actually have control over.  Why should you? Because it’s scientifically proven to be effective, because if you don’t you may crack, deflate, go into unhealthy coping skills, rage out, and be crushed under the mountain of negativity that this world regularly delivers.  If you feel that you cannot be positive, please focus on someone who can… & allow yourself to be inspired…for what the brain observes it acts “as if” it’s doing itself. Brains are so cool that way.

With that said, I share some ‘positive signs’ I came across this week from my mindful neighborhood walkabouts. What do you choose to focus on this week? I hope you enjoy.

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